H. A. Gandhian Society

–  The H. A. Gandhian Society was established on 26 August 2017. H. A. Gandhian society was inaugurated by well know essayist, educationist, and author Dr. Gunvant Shah. Principal Dr. Sanjay Vakil took this initiative with the intention of celebrating and spreading the values of the Father of the nation among the students of H. A. College of commerce, and society at large.

–  On 2nd October & 30th January every year, all faculty members and student members of H. A. Gandhian Society visit the Gandhi Ashram to pay their respect to Gandhiji.

–  Various programs like Quiz, Public rally on the theme of swatchata, Guest lecture, Joy of Giving, PPT presentation, patriotic song competition, are held at regular intervals.

–  A. Gandhian Society has Mou With New Jersey city University, New Jersey, USA; Sabarmati Ashram at Ahmedabad; Gandhi Ashram at Zilia; Environmental and sanitation Institute (ESI); Gujarat Vidhya pith; B.J.V.M Institute, Vallabh Vidyanagar.

–  The faculty members and students visit Zilla ashram, kocharab ashram, also participate in the prayer session at Gujarat Vidyapeeth, at regular intervals.

–  In the leadership of principal Dr. Sanjay Vakil, faculty members of H. A. Gandhian Society are always creating on awareness and are promoting Gandhian values among students of H. A. College of Commerce.