The college provides special facilities for the differently abled students such as ramps, rails, lift and special toilets. The college makes special efforts toinclude the differently abled students as a part of mainstream students and treatthem as normal human being. The main entrance is clearly identifiable and easily accessible. Along with the steps it has a ramp to facilitate wheelchair users. The college building has railings on both the sides of the steps and a conveniently located lift with voice command. Separate toilets are available for people with limited abilities. They are clearly identifiable and accessible with enough space inside. Special parking for people with limited abilities is available near the building. The college provides barrier free access to the building, class-rooms, ladies room and the college library.
The college allows required relaxation in examination to all students with disability as per the equal opportunity, protection of rights and full participation act, 1995; UGC D.O. No. F-6-1/2006(CPPII), F.No.6-1/2012 (SCT). This includes allowing students to take examination with the help of scribes with them. The college has a group of volunteers who are willing to render their services as scribes. If a student is unable to get a scribe by himself, then a college volunteer can assist him to take examination.