Rules and Regulations


The examinations in the college are conducted as per the Gujarat University guidelines. There are two exams in each semester – Internal Exam is conducted by the college and it is out of 50 marks and the Final Exam is conducted by the Gujarat University. The final exam is out of 70 marks.
The internal marks which account for 30 marks consist of the following three components:
(i) Internal exam marks – 15
Marks secured by a student in the internal exam which is out of 50 marks are converted into 15 internal marks.
(ii) Assignment marks – 10
Assignments will be given to the students in each semester for seven subjects.
(iii) Attendance marks – 5
The committee calculates the internal marks and sends it to the University.
There are two additional subjects other than the seven subjects offered in each semester. These two subjects are Foundation Course and Soft Skill for which the college conducts the exams on behalf of Gujarat University. These two additional courses are evaluated out of 100 marks each.