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  • Haridas Achratlal College of Commerce began in 1956 when Sheth Shri Haridas Achratlal, a philanthropic businessman and visionary, made a generous donation to Gujarat Law Society to establish this educational institute. H.A. College of Commerce is a grant-in-aid college, affiliated to Gujarat University and approved by the U.G.C.


Gujarat Law Society’s HA College of Commerce is a leading college not only in the GLS body of educational institutions, but also in the State of Gujarat and amongst the commerce colleges of India. 
Established in 1956, when Sheth Shri Haridas Achratlal donated the resources for the establishment of this institution, this college is now 66 years old, with a glorious history and progressive present. GLS started this college to cater to the needs of the commerce students of the city and the state, thus adding not only to the number, but also to the quality and variety of the member institutions of its small family at that time. 
The academic output of the college shows its excellence in the number of ranks the students attain in the Gujarat University exams, and in the high percentage of students with distinction and first class. The co-curricular activities of the college are also noteworthy. I have been involved as a student as well as at the managerial level in the sports activities of the college, myself, and I have a sense of pride in the heritage of sportsmanship of this institution.
 I invite you to go through this website and see the evidence of the activities and achievements of the college. 
I wish the principal, Dr. Sanjay Vakil, the staff members and the students of the college all the best as they move forward in their journey towards academic excellence.


I welcome you to the website of H.A. College of Commerce. The history of HA College of Commerce is like the history of India: its past is coloured with glorious achievements, superior personalities and momentous strides forward. Its present is filled with hope, dreams and immense possibilities. And, like India, this college too is strong, resilient, potent and substantial. In the sixty four years of its existence, HA College of Commerce has contributed to academic excellence, student-development, the progress of the staff, and most importantly, to nation building.
The journey that the college had made since its inception in 1956 and the goals that we envision are both owed to its dedicated staff, its excellent students and the guiding spirit of the lineage of visionary principals to whom I am heir. We are grateful to the management, Gujarat Law Society, through whose patronage we have survived for over six decades against all odds, and emerged winners.
GLS has been the banyan tree under which institutions like ours have been fostered, nurtured and sheltered. HA is proud to belong to a trust like Gujarat Law Society. We hope that the visitors to this website will find the information they seek. We will be encouraged by the responses we get to our website. My faculty, students and I share the pride of a college and management that is dedicated towards academic excellence.
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